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MapleStory is a free , 2D , side-scrolling massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by the South Korean company Wizet & Nexon.

In-game photos:


As of February 2006, Wizet has generated 200 million USD from the game service in South Korea. Wizet received 110 million USD for licensing the games to other parts of the world.

Game population (as of September 2009):

  • Korea since 2002, 200,000 subscribers (concurrent users), 20 million subscribers (total)
  • Japan since November 2003, Over 10 million subscribers
  • China since December 2004, 50 million subscribers
  • Taiwan since July 2005, Over 3.5 million subscribers
  • Thailand since August 2005, Well over 550,000 subscribers
  • South East Asia (mostly Singapore and Malaysia) since June 2005, Over 6 million subscribers
  • North America (Global) since May 2005, Over 10 million subscribers
  • Europe since May 2007, 1.2 million subscribers
  • Total (as of September 2009): 101.2 million subscribers.

(Source taken from Wikipedia)


Cygnus Knights:

The Knights of Cygnus ( KoC ) are a character order that is available on almost all game versions.
The classes in ( KoC ) are similar to what the Adventurer class has to offer.

Like the 5 classes ( Warrior , Magician , Thief , Bowman , & Pirate )
Cygnus Knights had renamed those classes and have a few new skills , and the max. level is 120.

Dawn Warrior / Soul Master:

• Like Warrior they have high HP
•But unlike warrior having 3 job paths ( Fighter , Page , Spearman ) ; Dawn Warrior / Soul Master has only 1 job path to follow and it is a Fighter type class.
•The weapon of choice they have are 1H sword and 2H sword.
•They are accompanied by Soul, the spirit of light, especially in combat.





Blaze Wizard / Flame Wizard:
•Has same advantages like the Adventurer Magician.
•Has the same disadvantages like the Adventurer Magician.
•Has Fire Pillar to help them for their leveling.

•They can call on Ignis, the spirit of Fire, to fight with them.





Wind Archer / Wind Breaker:
• Has the same advantages of Adventurer Bowman.
•Has the same disadvantages of Adventurer Bowman.
•Wind Archers are guided by the spirit of wind, Ventus.
•Instead of having the Power Knock back skill it is changed to  Storm Breath.





Night Walker:

•Has same advantages and disadvantages like the Adventurer Thief
•Night Walkers are assisted by the spirit of darkness, Umbra.
•Has different skills in the 2nd job like: Vampire,like Drain absorbs HP from enemies(mob skill) ,  Vanish allows you to attack while using  Dark Sight.






Thunder Breaker / Striker:
•Has same advantages and disadvantages like Adventurer Pirate (Infighter)
•They are teamed up with the spirit of lightning, Fulgar.
•The Cygnus Knights have skills gained from 2nd job which is actually gained till 3rd job like: Energy Charge &  Energy Blast which are gained by 3rd job Adventurer Pirates.
And at 2nd job they gain a skill called  Lightning Charge, which temporarily adds lightning element into one`s knuckles.


Like Adventurers who gain medals after their job advancements, Cygnus Knights have a medal of their own!

Nobless Medal – Received from creating a new Knight Of Cygnus. (Nobless Level 6 – 7 )

Training Knight Medal – Received for becoming a Knight In Training. (1st Job – Level 10)

Official Knight Medal – Received for becoming a Knight of Cygnus. (2nd Job – Level 30)

Advanced Knight Medal – Received for becoming a high level Knight of Cygnus. (3rd Job – Level 70)

Captain Knight Medal – Received for reaching level 120 as a Knight of Cygnus.

Choosing your Character: Adventurer

New to MapleStory? Read this guide and see the advantages and disadvantages of each class MapleStory has to offer!


•Warriors are mostly melee fighters (STR and DEX).
•Warriors have low accuracy but have a high HP.
•Warriors lack range attacks
• Warriors can kill any mob , thus they dont have problems clearing mobs.

Advantage: High Damage,High HP  Disadvantage: Low Accuracy , Few Ranged Attacks

•Magicians are afraid of bosses who cast (Skill Lock,1 HP & MP) and alot of MP usage.
•Turning off Magic Guard while training on strong monsters,bosses is a horrible idea and has a probability of a 1 Hit K.O.
•Pure Magicians gain more MaxMP compared to a normal magician.
•Magician is the easiest class to use compared to other jobs.
Advantage: High MP,No Range Problems Disadvantage: Low HP , Wastes alot of MP till you get MP Drain (will not be able to replenish full MP when you use attacks with higher MP cost) .

Before reading further on, there are 2 types of Bowman: Hunter|Crossbowman
•Bowman has alot of accuracy and has a low HP.
•Bowman does not excel in close range combat.
•It is best to train on places with flat surfaces and a safe spot for them to snipe on.
Advantage: Furthest Range,High Accuracy Disadvantage: Low HP , Difficult to Train , Have less party skills to share


Before reading further on, there are 2 types of thief: Assassin|Bandit
• Thief equipments like Throwing Stars are really expensive.
•Thief relies on LUK , 5LUK = 1 Weapon Attack
•Assassins have problems on close combat range.
•Assassins have a skill called Meso Up and Bandits have a skill called PickPocket that helps earn mesos faster.
Advantage: Very useful yet amazing skills found in the 3rd and 4th job ( Meso Up,Flash Jump,Meso Guard,Venom) , Only loses 5% experience when dying in-game.
Disadvantage: Low HP , Expensive Equipments , Close Combat Problems (Melee)

Before reading further on, there are 2 types of Pirate: Gunslinger|Infighter.
• Amazing skills never seened before from the first 4 classes.
•Mob Skill at first job , a must have skill ( Somersault Kick)
•Low HP , fast attackers almost like rogues.
Advantages: Interesting Skills , Fast attackers  Disadvantages: Equipments are bit expensive , Hard to get used to (Controlling the Class)